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Small Animal Appointment Policy

To make sure that we have adequate time to see all patients and for surgical procedures, we operate by appointments. Emergency conditions will always be given top priority over our scheduled appointments. As we cannot anticipate an emergency, we appreciate your understanding that occasionally we may not always be running exactly to schedule.  

If it is difficult to make an appointment during the day, we can arrange a drop-off in the morning for a day stay until your animal can be seen in the course of the day. In this case, we would appreciate you being able to be contacted by phone in the event we need to discuss anything further in regard to treatment of your animal.

For animal, owner and staff safety, we require all dogs and cats to be under control when brought into the clinic. This means having dogs on a lead and cats kept in a suitable carry-cage or box. Please let us know beforehand if you predict your dog may behave aggressively around other dogs or people. 

Payment Policy

With any small/companion animal appointments, we require full payment for any services provided, on the day of completion.

There will be no chargeable accounts for any small/companion animals unless prior arrangements have been made.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Eftpos, cash and cheques.

If an unexpected emergency occurs and you are unable to immediately afford treatment, we offer SmartCover finance to help. Please click the linked attachment to apply or to checkout their terms and conditions*. 


* Please note this is not in any way related to Whitianga Vets. This is a separate finance company with their own terms and conditions.

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