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Large Animal and Lifestyle

A range of services, veterinary advice, and products are available for beef cattle, sheep, camelids, and pigs.

Dry-Stock Farmers

Dry-stock Farms

For those that don’t appreciate waking up at 5am every morning or do enjoy having an occasional break for morning tea, we provide a full range of services including:

- Drenching advice and competitive drench pricing
- Cattle pregnancy testing via back-pack ultrasound scanner
- Trace element testing and advice
- Ill-thrift investigations
- BVD testing and vaccination
- Dehorning and castration
- Facial eczema prevention
- Flystrike prevention
- Difficult calvings and other emergencies

Lifestyle Farmers

Lifestyle Farms

Whitianga Vets have a growing clientele of lifestyle block farmers (including two of our own vets!). We are your first port-of-call for keeping your stock in great condition and preventing disease.

- Drenching advice
- Vaccinations eg. 5-in-1, lamb vaccine
- Flystrike prevention
- Trace elements
- Foot trimming
- Castration, debudding and ear tagging
- Calvings, lambings and unpackings
- Pig castrations and ringing under anaesthetic

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