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Animal Re-homing Fund

Separate from our clinical work our dedicated and caring staff, with the help of members of the community, have donated their time to create a fund which assists with the re-homing of kittens/cats, puppies/dogs. This includes cases where their owners have surrendered them, or they are unable to provide care for that animal.*

We have dedicated volunteers in the community that provide a short-term foster home for kittens that have been surrendered to us, which helps with kittens acclimatising to handling and every-day life. Without our volunteers, re-homing kittens would be much more difficult.

The Animal Re-homing Fund is run purely on donations to keep the service functioning. On occasions we will hold a raffle or fundraising event to help with funding. Donations are used for essentials such as food, flea/worm treatment, medications  or neutering.

If you would like to volunteer to be foster parent, please fill in the                                 here.

If you would like to make a donation, please contact the clinic for further information.

*Re-homing is on a case by case basis. Staff members of the animal re-homing fund that are running the service have the right to decide if they will take on care of the animal. All cases that are surrendered will incur a donation towards the animal re-homing fund, once the nature of the case has been decided.

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