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David Thurgood BVSc

David joined Whitianga Vets in 2009 after an extended working holiday in the UK. It was while in the UK that he met his wife.

Dave is vastly experienced as a small animal clinician but has a particular interest in small animal surgery, and

in the spring, he is equally at home up to his armpits calving a cow. 

In his spare time he can be found on the end of a fishing rod or swimming along the bottom of his favourite fishing/diving spot in the Mercury Bay. 

Matt Ebbers BVSc

Matt joined us after working in mixed practice in the Waikato and Central Plateau for nine years. When the opportunity arose to move to a much warmer and less foggy place, the decision wasn't too difficult.

Matt is passionate about the dairy industry and improving both economic and animal health outcomes, while supporting farmers to continue the proud history of farming in the Mercury Bay area.

Matt is also a capable small animal vet and can often be found in clinic putting pig dogs back together.

Matt lives on a small lifestyle block outside of Whitianga with his wife and 3 young children. When possible, they enjoy tramping through some of the stunning Coromandel scenery.


Anna Lomonossoff BVSc

Anna joined our team in November 2019, having graduated from the University of Liverpool with distinction in July 2018.

She is interested in all things animal-related, and spends most of her free time out on walks with her dog Napoleon (and her husband Michael!), as well as learning to surf.

Anna has a particular small animal focus, however can occasionally be seen with animals with hooves.

Anna and Michael moved here from the UK last year, and are loving the laid-back, friendly, Coromandel lifestyle.


Carlotta Taylor
Head Nurse / Admin

Alex Hansen
Vet Nurse

Danielle Cherry
Vet Nurse

Brooklyn Green
Vet Nurse

Anthea Smith

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